The 3-part blog on Perspective has laid the foundation for all future blogs. The purpose of Transformation Today is to share God’s perspective and transform how we think. Remember, I was sharing in my first blog (Being Obedient) that I wanted to share insights given to me by the Holy Spirit. Well, I don’t know if you are like me but there are times I believe what I have received is from the Lord but there is just that niggling doubt that it could just be my own thoughts. The Lord knows me. My maiden name was Thomas and I am still Thomas in nature. Doubting Thomas :). That’s me. And God knows us better than we know ourselves. So knowing me as He does, guess what God has been doing over the past few weeks. He has been confirming to me that I am in fact hearing from Him. God is so loving and understanding. He satisfies our needs before we even are aware of them ourselves. I think that as I share these personal testimonies it will be a blessing to you other doubters.  Some of what He has confirmed are things that will be shared in future blogs. I have them written in my personal journal but (I was about to say I haven’t had the time to share them yet but that isn’t truth) I haven’t made the time to share them yet. Still on the learning curve of putting first things first!! Sorry to burst your bubble. No, I’m not perfect 🙂

Testimony 1:

I began journaling about perspective and Christians passively allowing the world’s culture to influence us more than God’s Word on Monday, March 6th 2017. For some reason (we always say that when we are being prompted by the Holy Spirit and realize so in retrospect), on Sunday, March 26th I looked at my schedule and started to think, “I don’t want to miss church but I have a lot of work to do so I should go to an early service”. Evangelistic Temple, right on the corner of the road where I work and has praise and worship as I like it, has an 8:30 am service that finishes at 10 am. So I decide that’s where I will go. The message was taken from John 19:5-16 and was entitled “Who is Your King?” Just giving you a few excerpts from my jottings will say the rest.

“We too could miss the seasons of God and be distracted by the culture of the             world.”    “Those who rule over you want you to conform to their ways.”   “Romans 12:2” ………. which you know is the theme for this site.   “Two kingdoms juxtaposed to each other.”  “Conformity –  is from outside. Transformation – from the inside out.”  “We are to transform the world and not the other way around.”  “Do not back down from the truth. Stand on God’s Word.”  “Decide to whom you will give your allegiance as that determines whose culture will shape your mind.”

Nuff said 🙂

Testimony 2:

The Lord shared a perspective with me on Monday, March 27th 2017 about us being able to change His mind. Of course, this sharing started as usual with me wondering about something and raising the question then God showing me the answer from His Word. Anyway, back to my testimony. So I wrote down what I felt God was saying in response to my question (to be shared on this site in the near future). What is the topic of the Devotionals Daily on Tuesday, March 28th 2017? “Why Keep Praying? God Changes His Mind”. Some of the very examples from Scripture I have in my journal were right there in the devotional. Isn’t God amazing??!!

Testimony 3:

On Saturday, April 1st after posting Perspective Pt 2, the Lord showed me I needed to share and already did in Perspective Pt 3. However, there was a section I didn’t share because it was going to make the blog too long and to be honest, I was hesitating because I was really wondering if this was me or God. It started with this song coming into my mind “Holiness is what I long for”. I went to YouTube and listened to it and sang it as part of my devotion. I had a sense that the Lord was saying it is to be the theme song for my blog site. He said ultimately what He is after is holiness. He told me prophetically years ago that the church has lost its reverence and awe for Him and that there is a loss of respect for God within His own body of believers. I have declared it at Covenant City Church and it has been confirmed by others in the prophetic ministry there. However, it seems to be coming again to the forefront of God’s agenda. He said to me personally on April 1st, “Be ye holy as I am holy.” The next morning (Sunday, April 2nd) I was grappling with what to do about church (you see I have so many options – 2 churches here in the Bahamas to go physically with one of them offering streaming and two additional streaming options – Trumpet Ministries and Mark Chironna’s church). I remembered it was first Sunday and I wanted to share in the Lord’s supper but then felt I also wanted to have most of the day to do some work. When we were in Jamaica and I went to Trumpet Ministries, Pastor Mary’s word was right on target so I decided I would stay home and stream. But then I started reading my devotionals (I have 2 to 3 that I follow) and one of them, I believe it was Devotionals Daily, focused on 2 Cor. 5:18-21, which was the theme for Bahamas Faith Ministries the previous year. I just had a sense this was no coincidence so changed my plan and went to BFM instead. That was not my preference cause the service ends after 12 and I really wanted to get some work done that Sunday. However, I went believing that there was something for me to either hear, see or do at BFM that day. I went with an expectation. It started with praise and worship having an emphasis on holiness and the church was directed to bow down in reverence to God. Then a prophetic word came about God requiring holiness from His people. Then Pastor Dave’s message was entitled………wait for it……… “Kingdom Activation and Transformation through Holiness”.  He said everything I had written in my Perspective Pt 2 blog and all that the Lord was saying to me about the loss of reverence and awe for Him among His people. What really got my attention is when Pastor Dave shared that this was not the message he was originally planning to share. He changed his message three times until finally he believed this was what God wanted him to share. He said he knew it was a hard word but he sensed an urgency from God about holiness in His church. Of course you know what the next blog will be about. No guessing there 🙂

I know this one has been long, but that’s a great thing about the site, it’s always here and you can read a part now and then come back if you don’t have the time to read it all in one go. I felt I needed to share these testimonies cause I feel just like me you may be wondering if what you are receiving is from the Lord. He doesn’t always confirm in the way I have shared but a general test is to line up what you are receiving with His Word. I believe that if we have a heart towards the truth when we are going off target God will reveal it to us.

In closing, I just want to go back to reiterate the purpose for every blog posted on Transformation Today is to gain greater insight into God’s perspective. Ultimately He is after holiness!! Why?? Tune in to the next blog for the answer.


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